In Hot, Rich and Green!, Rebecca Harrell Tickell inspires women to realize their power, follow their passion, and start the eco-friendly business of their dreams. The lessons in this book come from Rebecca’s personal experiences, as well as through one-on-one interviews with successful women who have thrived by following the simple formulas presented. With an authentic, positive message, Hot, Rich and Green! is a book about women, for women, by women.

Rebecca illustrates her points with personal anecdotes on her journey to becoming successful in the green world: how she left her acting career to pursue a more meaningful life, how her future husband inspired her years before meeting him, and what makes her grandma “hot.” Shaping the future is her forte, and here Rebecca is at her best: Offering information and inciting action.

A motivational book for any budding environmentalist, Hot, Rich and Green! demonstrates how women can work to save the planet, while achieving monetary success and personal satisfaction. Hot, Rich and Green! highlights the true values that stem from running an eco-friendly business: helping your community, sustaining yourself financially, improving your quality of life, and ultimately saving our planet.

Hot, Rich and Green! is designed to inspire woman of all ages, all backgrounds, and all incomes. This book proves it is possible for women to run a business without sacrificing their lifestyles, or the well being of their families. The ultimate motivational coach, Rebecca lays out an informative and easy-to-understand formula to achieve financial freedom while attaining your green dreams.